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Vendor: Hitachi
Exam Code: HH0-110
Exam Name: Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations – Enterprise Exam

When using Copy-on-Write Snapshot, what is the pair status when the pool is 100 percent full?
A.    PFUL
B.    PSUE
C.    PSUS
D.    SMPL

Answer: B

A company is implementing storage virtualization and must create three copies of its database to run complex data mining tasks. The company wants to use external storage to create a cost effective solution which does not limit reliability or performance. What is the correct solution for the company?

A.    Use Copy-on-Write Snapshot to create copies of the data on the USP V.
B.    Use TrueCopy to create Point-in-Time (PIT) copies of the data on a USP VM.
C.    Use Universal Replicator and ShadowImage to create PIT copies of the data on an AMS2300.
D.    Use Universal Volume Manager and ShadowImage to create PIT copies of the data on an AMS2300.

Answer: D

A company has purchased HDS storage and wishes to connect it to their existing Open Systems hosts which are a mixture of AIX and Windows servers. Which feature of HDS storage virtualization will allow these hosts to co-exist on the same CHA ports?

A.    Port Aggregation
B.    Shared Memory Paths
C.    High Speed Port Mode
D.    Host Storage Domains

Answer: D

What are two results when license keys expire? (Choose two.)

A.    No new configuration settings may be performed.
B.    Configuration changes are permitted for a period of 24 hours after expiry.
C.    Configuration settings that were made before the temporary license key expired remain in effect and cannot be deleted.
D.    Configuration settings that were made before the temporary license key expired will revert back to their original settings.

Answer: AC

Which two Hitachi replication software products enable you to create an immediate point-in-time copy of your data? (Choose two.)

A.    TrueCopy
B.    ShadowImage
C.    Copy-on-Write Snapshot
D.    Hitachi Universal Replicator

Answer: BC

With which product can Hitachi Capacity Reporter integrate?

A.    Hitachi Backup Services Manager (HBSM)
B.    Hitachi Storage Services Manager (HSSM)
C.    Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM)
D.    Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager (HTsM)

Answer: A

What are two primary functions of the Hitachi Virtual Partition Manager software? (Choose two.)

A.    Storage Logical Partition
B.    Cache Logical Partition
C.    Port Logical Partition
D.    Software Logical Partition

Answer: AB

A customer has a USP VM with 4GB cache memory, 3GB shared memory and six 300GB HDD RAID Groups with only Resource Manager software activated. Which additional item is needed to use Virtual Partition Manager?

A.    additional SVP
B.    additional license key
C.    additional cache memory
D.    additional shared memory

Answer: C

What are three functions of the unique Hitachi crossbar switch (CSW) in a USP V? (Choose three.)

A.    Contains a LAN hub for SVP/MP communication.
B.    Segments cache memory to Virtual Storage Machines.
C.    Assists BED/FED in transferring control commands to the shared memory.
D.    Assists BED/FED in transferring data to and from the cache memory.
E.    Provides multiple paths between BEDs and cache memory.

Answer: ADE

A database administrator used the Hitachi Logical Unit Size Expansion (LUSE) software on a USP V to create a 5TB LUN needed for a new application. Which two statements about LUSE are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Up to a maximum of 36 logical devices can be concatenated.
B.    The LUSE function can only be used for internal volumes.
C.    The maximum LUSE capacity is 60TB.
D.    LUSE stripes the data across all combined volumes.

Answer: AC

Within the Hitachi High Performance NAS Platform, what is the purpose of the SMU?

A.    It performs the network protocol processing.
B.    It is a dedicated appliance for management.
C.    It performs Fiber Channel and SCSI command processing.
D.    It performs file system related processing.

Answer: B

Which unique method of data reduction is used by Hitachi Data Systems ProtecTIER VT solution?

A.    Stream-Informed Segment Layout
B.    Hash-based data de-duplication
C.    HyperFactor inline data de-duplication
D.    Real-time in-memory data screening

Answer: C

What are three components of a storage cluster in a USP V? (Choose three.)

A.    channel adaptor
B.    SVPs
C.    cache switches (CSW)
D.    HDDs
E.    shared memory

Answer: ACE
What are two features of Hitachi Global Link Manager (HGLM)? (Choose two.)

A.    Hosts can be automatically discovered by HGLM.
B.    Hosts can be logically grouped together and managed as a group.
C.    HDLM configuration can be performed for more than one host at a time.
D.    HGLM allows for easy deployment of HDLM updates.

Answer: BC

What is the maximum number of BED pairs installed in the DKC of a fully configured USP V?

A.    2
B.    4
C.    6
D.    8

Answer: D

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