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In the Captivate installation directory, where are the widget files placed?

A.    Action-script folder
B.    AS3 folder
C.    Gallery folder
D.    Templates folder

Answer: C

You want to add a playbar to your course and have an ability to place it anywhere in the stage. What is the quickest way to do this?

A.    Create a playbar using a combination of buttons and click boxes in Captivate.
B.    Create a Playbar in Flash and use the SWF in Captivate.
C.    Use custom Playbar Widget.
D.    Change the Playbar skin.

Answer: C

Which type of widget can be added to a master slide?

A.    Interactive
B.    Static
C.    Dynamic
D.    Question

Answer: B

In the Widgets panel, you just see one widget. What should you do to be able to see all the widgets shipped with Captivate?

A.    Click Browse
B.    Click Adobe Captivate Exchange
C.    Click Change Path
D.    Click Refresh

Answer: C

You want to add the Certificate widget at the end of your course. Which property of this widget is configurable?

A.    Certificate background image
B.    Certificate template
C.    Variables associated with the widget.
D.    Line spacing for the text.

Answer: B

You have recorded a slide audio using Adobe Captivate and want to save it as a WAV file to be sent for review. What should you do?

A.    In the Slide Audio dialog, under Edit, click Podcast.
B.    In the Slide Audio dialog, under Edit, click Export.
C.    In the Slide Audio dialog, under Add/Replace, click Podcast.
D.    In the Slide Audio dialog, under Add/Replace, click Export.

Answer: A

You want to add audio that has been professionally recorded to your course. What should you do to add the audio to your slides?

A.    Choose Audio > Import to > Object.
B.    Choose Audio > Import to > Slide.
C.    Choose Audio > Record to > Object.
D.    Choose Audio > Record to > Slide.

Answer: B

You need to convert text to speech in your project. What is the first thing you need to do?

A.    Import an audio file.
B.    Insert a slide note.
C.    Add an audio closed caption.
D.    Add a video closed caption.

Answer: B

Which statement about text to speech is true?

A.    Text to speech audio is generated as soon as you add a slide note.
B.    Text to speech audio is generated as soon as you click the Text to Speech button in the Slide Notes panel.
C.    Text to speech audio is generated as soon as you select a speech agent in the Speech management dialog.
D.    Text to speech audio is generated as soon as you click Generate Audio in the Speech management dialog.

Answer: D

Which statement about managing audio in Captivate is true?

A.    Slide audio can be exported as an MOV file.
B.    Audio attached to an object will repeat until the object is no longer on the screen.
C.    In the Advanced Audio Management dialog box, clicking the Export button will save the selected audio file as MP3, WAV, or both.
D.    Audio files that can be imported into Captivate include those with extensions WAV, MP3 and SND.

Answer: C

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