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Which two models are used in MPLS TE bandwidth constraints? (Choose two)

A.    mdm
B.    rdm
C.    bdm
D.    mam
E.    tern

Answer: BD

A service provider is in process of providing Layer2 and Layer 3 VPN services. After a while the number of Labels across the core have increased and the service provider scalability becomes the most important concern and the ISP decides to allocate label for the necessary prefixes. Which prefixes must be selected to meet requirements?

A.    CE loopbacks only that are used as BGP next hop
B.    RR, P, and PE loopbacks that are used as BGP next hop
C.    PE loopbacks only that are used as BGP next hop
D.    P and PE loopbacks that are used as BGP next hop
E.    All /32 prefixes advertised in the IGP

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Service Provider A is preparing to exchange routes with Service Provider B and Content Provider C via IXP. Which BGP community prevents Service Provider A from becoming a transit provider between Service Provider B and Content Provider C?


A.    no-advertise when it is applied on routes that are received from Service Provider B and Content Provider C
B.    no-advertise when it is applied on routes that are advertised to Service Provider Band Content Provider C
C.    no-export when it is applied on routes that are received from Service Provider B and Content Provider C
D.    no-export when it is applied on routes that are advertised to Service Provider B and Content Provider C
E.    local-AS when it is applied on routes that are received from Service Provider B and Content Provider C
F.    local-AS when it is applied on routes that are advertised to Service Provider B and Content Provider C

Answer: F

Refer to the exhibit. Which BGP configuration must be applied to make PE3 use both BGP entries in the Cisco Express Forwarding table?


A.    On PE1, apply nexto-hop-self on both PE2 and PE3 neighbors configuration.
B.    On the CE, apply bgp add-path on both PE1 and PE2 neighbors configuration.
C.    On PE2, bgp advertise-beat-external on the PE3 neighbor configuration.
D.    On PE1, apply route-reflect-client on both PE2 and PE3 neighbors configuration.

Answer: C

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the 802.1ad characteristic on the left onto the port type on the right. Not all options are used.




While evaluating a new hardware rollout plan before deployment, which standards should you review to ensure that the hardware met certain environmental design guidelines?

A.    NAS
C.    ITIL?
D.    NEBS
E.    eTOM

Answer: D

Why are thresholds defined based on baseline documents?

A.    To verify that interfaces are in the correct state
B.    To help identify current network problems and predict future bottlenecks
C.    To ensure that QoS parameters are defined appropriately
D.    To reduce polling traffic on the network
E.    To suppress duplicate alarms and allow for event correlation

Answer: B

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the SONET alert types on the left onto the correct seventies on the right Not all options are used




A service provider is in the process of providing Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN services through a MPLS LDP enabled backbone. With load increasing in the service provider domain, scalability become the most important. Based on the local label allocation filtering feature, which is the lower subject of prefixes must be select to meet these requirements?

A.    P and PE loopbacks that are used as BGP next hop.
B.    PE loopbacks only that are used as BGP next hop.
C.    CE loopbacks only that are used as BGP next hop.
D.    all/32 prefixes advertised in the IGP.
E.    RR, P, and loopbacks that used as BGP next hop.

Answer: B

Which OSPFv3 LSA never flooded beyond the Link?

A.    Increment router LSA
B.    Network LSA
C.    Link LSA
D.    Non-area prefix LSA
E.    Router LSA

Answer: C

What is the main difference between an SNMP trap and a syslog message?

A.    SNMP traps are secure, whereas syslog messages are not
B.    SNMP traps are triggered during network outages, whereas syslog messages are information only
C.    SNMP traps are forwarded to EMS systems, whereas syslog messages are forwarded to any NMS system
D.    SNMP traps are formally defined in a MIB, whereas syslog body contents are not formally defined
E.    SNMP traps are user-definable and vary based on vendor, when syslog message are standards-based

Answer: D

What is the advantage of BGP confederation compared to BGP route reflector implementation?

A.    Confederation provides better redundancy. Route reflector clients can peer to only one cluster
B.    Confederation allows use of template session and template policy. Route reflector can use only peer-group
C.    The IBGP policies can differ internally within and between the sub-autonomous systems
D.    Confederation is more scalable. Route reflector implementation still requires confederation to eliminate completely the full mesh requirement

Answer: C

What type of IPv6 address is this address: FF05::2:260:8FF:FE52:F9D8?

A.    multicast permanent site local
B.    multicast permanent node link local
C.    multicast temporary site local
D.    unicast permanent link local

Answer: A

Which protocol provides an alternative to the STP, which provides a way to control network loops, handle link failure, and improve convergence time and can coexist with STP?

A.    E-TREE
B.    IEEE 802.1ah
C.    REP
D.    Flex Links

Answer: C

Which timing over Packet Solution provides only accurate frequency synchronization, but does not provide time/phase synchronization?

A.    timing over IP connection and transfer of clock BOF.
B.    Precision Time Protocol.
C.    Synchronous Ethernet.
D.    Network Time Protocol.

Answer: C

An engineer sees that traffic is not flowing between two line cards on a Cisco ASP 9000 Series device. To troubleshoot this issue, what should the engineer do first?

A.    Verify whether LPTS configuration is prohibiting traffic between the two line cards.
B.    Verify whether there are PFM alarms on the line cards and RSPs.
C.    Verify whether there are errors on the EOBCs.
D.    Verify whether there are alarms in the system diagnostics.

Answer: B

A service provider requires that the PE-CE link must be optimized by only compressing the TCP header regards to business traffic policy. Neither voice traffic nor other traffic policies must be compressed. Which solution meets these requirements?

A.    enhanced RTP header compression
B.    class-based TCP header compression
C.    RTP header compression over satellite links
D.    Header compression using IPHC profiles

Answer: B

Refer to Exhibit. A service provider engineer has a requirement to configure an Inter-AS MPLS L3VPN with a maximum of one LSP between PE-1 and PE-2.
Which two configurations are required to accomplish this goal? (Choose two)


A.    next-hop-unchanged on RRs.
B.    redistribute connected on ASBRs.
C.    redistribute bgp on ASBRs.
D.    next-hop-unchanged on ASBRs.
E.    ip route on ASBRs
F.    next-hop-self on ASBRs.
G.    next-hop-self on RRs.

Answer: AC

A service provider is considering investing in SP chaining solution. Which 2 services can be recommended? (Choose two)

A.    Firewall
B.    vxlan
D.    WAAS
E.    E-Mail
F.    Authoritative DNS

Answer: AC

Two routers that are running MPLS and LDP have multiple links that connect then to each other. An engineer wants to ensure that the label bindings are not flushed from the LIB if one of the links fails. Which configuration meets this requirement?

A.    The mpls ip command on an MPLS TE tunnel.
B.    The mpls idp sync command under router process configuration mode.
C.    The mpls Idp autoconfig command.
D.    The mpls Idp discovery targeted-hello accept command

Answer: B

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