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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C4040-227
Exam Name: AIX 7 Administration

What must be done to change the default AIX login screen, which is displayed before the login prompt, when a system is accessed using telnet?

A.    Add the desired text to the /etc/motd file.
B.    Edit the herald field in the /etc/security/login.cfg file.
C.    Update the MESG environment variable in /etc/environment.
D.    Add the LC_FASTMSG environment variable to /etc/profile.

Answer: B

An administrator receives the following error message when attempting to extend a volume group with an additional disk:
0516-1162 extendvg:
the Physical Partition size of 256 requires the creation of 1026 partitions for hdisk2. The limitation for volume group rootvg is 1024 physical partitions per physical volume. Use the chvg command with the -t option to attempt to change the maximum Physical Partitions per Physical volume for this volume group.
While the use of the -t option may allow the administrator to successfully extend the volume group, what other effect will using this option have?

A.    The boot logical volume would be recreated.
B.    The volume group would need to be varied off to apply the change.
C.    Mirroring would be removed from all logical volumes within the volume group
D.    The number of physical volumes allowed in the volume group will be reduced

Answer: D

What are the three basic elements of RBAC in AIX?

A.    Groups, Keys and Access
B.    Keys, Privileges and Groups
C.    Users, Groups and KeyStore
D.    Roles, Privileges and Authorizations

Answer: D

What is the minimum number of processing units which can be specified in the LPAR profile of an AIX LPAR hosted on a POWER7 server?

A.    0.1
B.    0.05
C.    0.01
D.    1

Answer: B

An administrator changed the hostname of a system from to using SMIT. The new entry in /etc/hosts is:
When the administrator issued the host command, the following result was observed.
#> host dbprod
host: 0827-801 Host name dbprod does not exist.
#> host is
Until DNS records can be updated, which action will allow the host command to return the correct name and IP address?

A.    Modify/etc/nsswitch.conf and set hosts: files dns
B.    Modify/etc/resolv.conf and specify the new nameserver
C.    Modify/etc/netsvc.conf and set hosts = local, bind
D.    Modify/etc/mrouted.conf and add: dbprod “dbprod” +

Answer: C

Based on the following graphic, which physical adapter services fcs2?

A.    fcs2 on vio1
B.    fcs2 on vio2
C.    fcs6 on viol
D.    fcs6 on vio2

Answer: C

A system administrator has created a user id using the following command:
mkuser sugroups=security gecos=”AIX User” aixuser
What is the effect of using this command?

A.    The sugroups attribute allows aixuser to su to users in the security group.
B.    The sugroups attribute allows members of the security group to su to this id.
C.    The aixuser will be created as an administrative user id and only the root user can alter attributes
for aixuser.
D.    The aixuser will be created as an administrative user and only security group members can alter
attributes of this id

Answer: B

Which resource is required to make the cluster configuration data available when using Cluster Aware AIX?

A.    A cluster controller node that keeps the cluster configuration data synchronized between nodes.
B.    An NFS file system that is accessible with read/write permissions by all nodes that form the cluster.
C.    A supported disk in a highly available storage configuration that is accessible by all nodes that form the cluster
D.    A “quorum busting” disk to prevent loss of quorum from impacting availability of the cluster configuration data.

Answer: C

An administrator is removing a failed disk from a mirrored rootvg volume group. A message directed the administrator to run the chpv -c command. The administrator ran this command against the last available disk in rootvg. What is the result of performing this action?

A.    The failed drive is removed from the bootlist.
B.    The boot record was removed from the system.
C.    The ipldevice was re-linked to the available disk device name.
D.    The boot record was updated with the available disk information.

Answer: B

When creating a new user id, an administrator encounters the following error message:
aixsystem:/home/root# mkuser newuserid
3004-694 Error adding “newuserid”: Name is too long.
Running which of the following commands will cause the mkuser newuserid command to complete successfully?

A.     image
B.     image
C.     image
D.     image

Answer: A

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