Latest 2014 Pass4sure and Lead2pass CompTIA 220-801 Exam Questions (301-310)

Which of the following is required in order for BitLocker to be enabled?

A.    Drive encryption
B.    Group Policy
C.    Trusted platform module
D.    Power-on Password

Answer: C

Which of the following networking standards can operate at two different channel widths on the same spectrum simultaneously?

A.    802.11a
B.    802.11b
C.    802.11g
D.    802.11n

Answer: D

Which of the following describes the process laser printers use to secure toner to paper?

A.    Bonding
B.    Transferring
C.    Duplexing
D.    Fusing

Answer: D

Which of the following will provide the FASTEST boot times for a laptop user?

A.    Solid state drive
B.    High capacity battery
C.    eSATA hard drive
D.    Increased RAM

Answer: A

Which of the following media has a capacity of 8.6 GB?

A.    CD
B.    DL DVD
C.    DL Blu-ray
D.    DVD

Answer: B

Which of the following devices is MOST likely to outperform a 15,000 rpm SAS hard drive in read speed?

A.    Compact flash
B.    SSD
C.    Tape
D.    SD

Answer: B

The technician has identified prohibited content on a PC. Which of the following would be the FIRST action that the technician should take?

A.    Walk away
B.    Turn off the PC
C.    Report it
D.    Search for more

Answer: C

A customer would like to upgrade their onboard fast Ethernet connection to connect to their new gigabit network at the gigabit speed. Which of the following will enable them to do so?

A.    Convert the user to wireless.
B.    Install a 10/100/1000 NIC.
C.    Update the drivers for the onboard port.
D.    Flash the BIOS to unlock the Ethernet port.

Answer: B

A technician needs to access the system BIOS at boot time on a PC. Which of the following are possible BIOS access keys? (Select TWO).

A.    F2
B.    F12
C.    F8
D.    Delete
E.    Function ?F4
F.    Control ?Home

Answer: AD

A customer reports that their 4-year-old PC takes a long time to boot. The technician investigates and finds the BIOS is rediscovering the hardware environment at every boot. Which of the following will MOST likely fix this problem?

A.    Change out the CMOS battery on the motherboard.
B.    At the OS level, launch “Device Manager” and re-scan the hardware.
C.    Hit “F9” while the computer is booting, but before the OS starts to load.
D.    Reset the BIOS using the CMOS reset jumper.

Answer: A

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