Latest 2014 Pass4sure and Lead2pass CompTIA 220-801 Exam Questions (231-240)

An outline of an image can be viewed on a laptop screen, but it is very dim and the screen appears almost black. This can be caused by a failing. (Select TWO).

A.    inverter.
B.    LCD.
C.    plasma screen.
D.    CRT.
E.    OLED.

Answer: AB

The wireless antenna is typically located inside the laptop’s:

A.    rear panel.
B.    keyboard.
C.    display bezel.
D.    bottom bezel.

Answer: C

A technician performed a clean install of Windows XP on a laptop and finds that the Bluetooth on/off switch is not working. Which of the following will BEST resolve this issue?

A.    Replacing the keyboard
B.    Installing service pack 3
C.    Reinstalling the operating system with Windows XP Media Center
D.    Installing the Bluetooth stack/driver

Answer: D

Which of the following connection types would MOST commonly be found on a laptop to display out to an external monitor? (Select TWO).

A.    PS/2
B.    Serial
C.    VGA
D.    RCA
E.    HDMI

Answer: CE

A laptop running a Windows operating system has a key that is supposed to launch Internet Explorer, but is not functioning. Which of the following will resolve this?

A.    Installing Bluetooth drivers from a manufacturer’s website
B.    Installing ACPI drivers from a manufacturer’s website
C.    Installing Hotkey drivers from a manufacturer’s website
D.    Installing AHCI drivers from a manufacturer’s website

Answer: C

Which of the following printers requires manual alignment?

A.    Laser
B.    Dot matrix
C.    Inkjet
D.    Thermal

Answer: B

A user has a parallel printer and wants to share it on the company network. Which of the following devices would the user need?

A.    A port replicator
B.    A splitter
C.    A wireless router
D.    A print server

Answer: D

Which of the following cable types uses a 9-pin connector?

A.    Parallel
B.    Ethernet
C.    USB
D.    Serial

Answer: D

Which of the following has a MAXIMUM transmission speed of 10 Mbps?

A.    CAT3
B.    CAT5
C.    CAT5e
D.    CAT6

Answer: A

Thermal paste is used between the CPU and heatsink to:

A.    make the heatsink easier to remove when replacing the CPU.
B.    aid in the transfer of energy from the CPU to the heatsink.
C.    act as a fire retardant should the CPU overheat.
D.    keep the heatsink in place on the CPU.

Answer: B

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