Latest 2014 Pass4sure and Lead2pass CompTIA 220-801 Exam Questions (221-230)

A technician notices that the PC is not receiving an IP address. Which of the following tools would the technician use to troubleshoot the computer’s NIC?

A.    Loopback plugs
B.    ESD mat
C.    Cable tester
D.    Toner probe

Answer: A

A client wants to store video and music in one central location and stream it to multiple devices.
Which of the following would BEST fill this need?

A.    Home theater
B.    Virtualization workstation
C.    Home server
D.    Gaming

Answer: C

A technician needs to make several patch cables. Which of the following tools would the technician use to attach the RJ-45 ends to the cables?

A.    Loopback plug
B.    Punch down
C.    Crimpers
D.    Cable tester

Answer: C

Which of the following topologies would cause the network to be segmented if any one machine went offline?

A.    Bus
B.    Mesh
C.    Star
D.    Hybrid

Answer: A

A standard Internet mail account receives incoming messages on which of the following ports?

A.    80
B.    110
C.    143
D.    443

Answer: B

Which of the following encryption methods is considered easily broken and should be avoided when configuring wireless security?

A.    WEP
B.    WPA
C.    AES
D.    TKIP

Answer: A

Which of the following special function keys might prevent a user from connecting to the Internet?

A.    Wireless
B.    Screen lock
C.    Volume
D.    Bluetooth

Answer: A

When configuring a new hard drive for use in a hot swappable environment, which of the following connection types should be used?

A.    PATA
B.    eSATA
C.    IDE
D.    SATA

Answer: B

Which of the following should be recommended for cooling a high-end gaming PC? (Select TWO).

A.    Power saving NIC
B.    Passive cooling
C.    Additional case fans
D.    Liquid cooling system
E.    Lower wattage power supply

Answer: CD

In older laptop screens, the backlight is powered by which of the following?

A.    A CCFL lamp
B.    A gas
C.    LEDs
D.    OLED

Answer: A

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