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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP2-K32
Exam Name: Selling HP SMB Storage

By when is it estimated that 80% of all workloads will be virtualized?

A.    2013
B.    2015
C.    2016
D.    2019

Answer: B

Which statement describes the benefit of the HP 3PAR StoreServ7000 in Exchange environments?

A.    Customers can consolidate all databases onto a single instance storage device and reduce the overall cost of storage administration and increase capacity acquisition costs.
B.    Backups can be eliminated as Exchange 2010 has the ability to have multiple copies of each database, along with features such as single item recovery and lagged copy support.
C.    Customers can reduce storage infrastructure complexity and increase performance at a fraction of the cost relative to market-leading monolithic and modular storage architectures.
D.    Exchange storage designs can follow the Exchange Mailbox Role Requirements Calculator verbatim.

Answer: C

HP StoreEasy is a highly efficient solution for flexible file and application storage. How many concurrent users can be supported on a single server?

A.    5,000
B.    10,000
C.    25,000
D.    50,000

Answer: C

An Exchange user has accidentally deleted his entire contact list. Which feature of Data Protector will enable him to recover the list rapidly and easily from the backup?

A.    Granular Restore Extension (GRE) for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint
B.    StoreOnce deduplication algorithm, which provides source deduplication of data before it is streamed to the StoreOnce backup device
C.    Automatic application of backup policies, including snapshots
D.    Automatic application of backup policies, including snapshots, plus auto-tuning for maximum performance

Answer: A

Why is there such a good opportunity to sell HP Storage for virtualization to the SMB market?

A.    Some SMB customers have large budgets for IT.
B.    Many SMB customers need more storage disks.
C.    Most SMB customers have old storage systems.
D.    Most SMB customers’ servers are not virtualized.

Answer: C

HP StoreEasy products are integrated with what optimization technique that improves performance for data transferred by Wide Area Network to Branch Offices?

A.    BranchWorks
B.    BranchFile
C.    BranchServ
D.    BranchCache

Answer: D

What are the four key customer pain points with Information Protection?

A.    remote office staff, operator availability, disaster recovery, and file recovery
B.    remote office staff, backup window, complex disaster recovery, and file recovery
C.    unreliable remote office backup, backup window, complex disaster recovery, and archiving
D.    unreliable remote office backup, backup window, disaster recovery, and slow restore

Answer: D

What is one of the key ways that HP StoreOnce installations achieve high backup performance?

A.    by only backing up new or changed data blocks
B.    by using high bandwidth links
C.    by using multiple disks
D.    through data compression

Answer: A

Customers often experience an impact on their storage requirements during a technology refresh or consolidation. What service can you offer to guide these customers?

A.    HP Storage Cloud Design (SCD)
B.    HP Storage Synchronization Service (SSS)
C.    HP Storage Efficiency Analysis (SEA)
D.    HP Storage Impact Analysis (SIA)

Answer: D

What is one of the first questions you should ask an SMB customer that is considering the implementation of a virtualization solution?

A.    "What are your business continuity and disaster recovery plans?"
B.    "What business problem will virtualization address for you?"
C.    "How many support staff do you employ?"
D.    "What IOPS does your solution require?"

Answer: B

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