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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HP0-068
Exam Name: HP Integrity Entry-Level Server Technologies

What should you verify when performing a customer environmental site survey for Integrity server solutions? (Select two.)

A.    that the humidity in the data center is less than 10%
B.    that the customer’s existing IT staff can manage the UPS
C.    that the customer has an adequate disaster recovery plan
D.    that the customer’s data center has sufficient cooling capacity
E.    that there is adequate power capacity in the customer’s data center

Answer: DE

3GHz/3MB Level 3 cache processors?

A.    Add an additional processor.
B.    Replace both 1.3GHz/3MB processors with mx2 processors.
C.    Replace one 1.3GHz/3MB processor with a 1.5GHz/6MB processor.
D.    Replace both 1.3GHz/3MB processors with 1.6GHz/3MB processors.

Answer: D

What is the maximum number of DIMMs that can be installed in an Integrity rx3600 server?

A.    24
B.    48
C.    96
D.    128

Answer: A

Which HP tool provides a configuration snapshot of an Integrity server for management and troubleshooting?

A.    HP TopTools
B.    HP OpenView GlancePlus
C.    HP Systems Insight Manager
D.    HP OpenView Performance Agent
E.    HP OpenView Network Node Manager

Answer: C

A customer wants to improve CPU performance on an Integrity rx4640 server. Currently there are two mx2 modules installed and 32GB of memory. How could the CPU performance be improved?

A.    Add additional mx2 modules.
B.    Add additional memory DIMMs.
C.    Add a memory board and distribute DIMMs.
D.    Add additional 1.6GHz/9MB processors.

Answer: A

A customer is concerned about the CPU utilization on the company’s Integrity servers running Windows and HP-UX. Which HP tool can you use to monitor and send alerts when user-defined thresholds are exceeded?

A.    HP GlancePlus
B.    HP Performance Monitor
C.    HP Systems Insight Manager
D.    HP OpenView Network Node Manager

Answer: C

Click the Exhibit button
What i/o slots perform the highest speed in a rx3600?


A.    3 and 4
B.    5 and 6
C.    1 and 2
D.    9 and 10

Answer: A

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Which PCI slots in an Integrity rx4640 server have the lowest bandwidth?


A.    3 through 6
B.    2 and 3
C.    1 and 2
D.    5 and 6
E.    3 through 8

Answer: A

What is the load order for memory DIMMs in an Integrity rx3600 server?

A.    Install in pairs beginning from the lowest slot.
B.    Install in quads beginning from the highest slot.
C.    Install the last DIMM beginning from the lowest slot.
D.    Install the last DIMM beginning from the highest slot.

Answer: A

The dual-core Intel Itanium 2 processor 1.6GHz with 24MB cache is used in which entry-level Integrity server?

A.    rx2620
B.    rx3600
C.    rx4600
D.    rx6600

Answer: D

Which RAID levels are supported on the HP 8 port SmartArray SAS controller of an Integrity rx6600 server running Windows Server 2003?

A.    RAID 0 and 3
B.    RAID 1 and 4
C.    RAID 3 and 5
D.    RAID 1, 5, and 6

Answer: D

What is the clock rate of a single rope in an Integrity rx3600 server?

A.    32MHz
B.    66MHz
C.    133MHz
D.    266MHz

Answer: B

Your customer is currently running an Integrity rx2600 server with three 1000Base-TX cards (A6825A) and wants to migrate from HP-UX to a Linux solution. What should you do?

A.    Perform a new installation of Linux.
B.    Install Linux and remove one 1000Base-TX card.
C.    Install Linux and verify the system firmware level.
D.    Verify that 1000Base-TX cards are supported for Linux.

Answer: D

Your customer has an existing rack with 12 Integrity rx1620 servers in it, and have ordered 28 more rx1620 servers to put into the rack. What aspect of the customer environment should be reviewed to determine if the addition of these machines will be a problem?

A.    fire protection
B.    physical security
C.    floor space requirements
D.    floor weight requirements

Answer: D

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