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Which of the following protocols uses an asymmetric key to open a session and then establishes a symmetric key for the remainder of the session?

A.    SFTP
C.    TFTP
D.    TLS

Answer: B

Which of the following describes how Sara, an attacker, can send unwanted advertisements to a mobile device?

A.    Man-in-the-middle
B.    Bluejacking
C.    Bluesnarfing
D.    Packet sniffing

Answer: B

Pete, an employee, is terminated from the company and the legal department needs documents from his encrypted hard drive. Which of the following should be used to accomplish this task? (Select TWO).

A.    Private hash
B.    Recovery agent
C.    Public key
D.    Key escrow
E.    CRL

Answer: BD

Which of the following mitigation strategies is established to reduce risk when performing updates to business critical systems?

A.    Incident management
B.    Server clustering
C.    Change management
D.    Forensic analysis

Answer: C

Which of the following can Pete, a security administrator, use to distribute the processing effort when generating hashes for a password cracking program?

A.    RAID
B.    Clustering
C.    Redundancy
D.    Virtualization

Answer: B

Which of the following should Jane, a security administrator, perform before a hard drive is analyzed with forensics tools?

A.    Identify user habits
B.    Disconnect system from network
C.    Capture system image
D.    Interview witnesses

Answer: C

Jane, an administrator, needs to make sure the wireless network is not accessible from the parking area of their office. Which of the following would BEST help Jane when deploying a new access point?

A.    Placement of antenna
B.    Disabling the SSID
C.    Implementing WPA2
D.    Enabling the MAC filtering

Answer: A

Which of the following allows Pete, a security technician, to provide the MOST secure wireless implementation?

A.    Implement WPA
B.    Disable SSID
C.    Adjust antenna placement
D.    Implement WEP

Answer: A

Which of the following is a management control?

A.    Logon banners
B.    Written security policy
C.    SYN attack prevention
D.    Access Control List (ACL)

Answer: B

Which of the following security strategies allows a company to limit damage to internal systems and provides loss control?

A.    Restoration and recovery strategies
B.    Deterrent strategies
C.    Containment strategies
D.    Detection strategies

Answer: C

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