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Which of the following is true about input validation in a client-server architecture, when data integrity is critical to the organization?

A.    It should be enforced on the client side only.
B.    It must be protected by SSL encryption.
C.    It must rely on the user’s knowledge of the application.
D.    It should be performed on the server side.

Answer: D

A merchant acquirer has the need to store credit card numbers in a transactional database in a high performance environment. Which of the following BEST protects the credit card data?

A.    Database field encryption
B.    File-level encryption
C.    Data loss prevention system
D.    Full disk encryption

Answer: A

A bank has a fleet of aging payment terminals used by merchants for transactional processing. The terminals currently support single DES but require an upgrade in order to be compliant with security standards. Which of the following is likely to be the simplest upgrade to the aging terminals which will improve in-transit protection of transactional data?

A.    AES
B.    3DES
C.    RC4
D.    WPA2

Answer: B

Which of the following is BEST at blocking attacks and providing security at layer 7 of the OSI model?

A.    WAF
B.    NIDS
C.    Routers
D.    Switches

Answer: A

Which of the following is BEST used to capture and analyze network traffic between hosts on the same network segment?

A.    Protocol analyzer
B.    Router
C.    Firewall
D.    HIPS

Answer: A

A datacenter requires that staff be able to identify whether or not items have been removed from the facility. Which of the following controls will allow the organization to provide automated notification of item removal?

A.    CCTV
B.    Environmental monitoring
C.    RFID
D.    EMI shielding

Answer: C

A malicious person gained access to a datacenter by ripping the proximity badge reader off the wall near the datacenter entrance. This caused the electronic locks on the datacenter door to release because thE.

A.    badge reader was improperly installed.
B.    system was designed to fail open for life-safety.
C.    system was installed in a fail closed configuration.
D.    system used magnetic locks and the locks became demagnetized.

Answer: B

The concept of rendering data passing between two points over an IP based network impervious to all but the most sophisticated advanced persistent threats is BEST categorized as which of the following?

A.    Stream ciphers
B.    Transport encryption
C.    Key escrow
D.    Block ciphers

Answer: B

On Monday, all company employees report being unable to connect to the corporate wireless network, which uses 802.1x with PEAP. A technician verifies that no configuration changes were made to the wireless network and its supporting infrastructure, and that there are no outages. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause for this issue?

A.    Too many incorrect authentication attempts have caused users to be temporarily disabled.
B.    The DNS server is overwhelmed with connections and is unable to respond to queries.
C.    The company IDS detected a wireless attack and disabled the wireless network.
D.    The Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service server certificate has expired.

Answer: D

Which of the following would BEST deter an attacker trying to brute force 4-digit PIN numbers to access an account at a bank teller machine?

A.    Account expiration settings
B.    Complexity of PIN
C.    Account lockout settings
D.    PIN history requirements

Answer: C

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