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Which of the following BEST describes a protective countermeasure for SQL injection?

A.    Eliminating cross-site scripting vulnerabilities
B.    Installing an IDS to monitor network traffic
C.    Validating user input in web applications
D.    Placing a firewall between the Internet and database servers

Answer: C

Drag and Drop Question
Task: Drag the items on the left to show the different types of security for the shown devices. Not all fields need to be filled. Not all items need to be used. 




Which of the following MOST interferes with network-based detection techniques?

A.    Mime-encoding
B.    SSL
C.    FTP
D.    Anonymous email accounts

Answer: B

A certificate authority takes which of the following actions in PKI?

A.    Signs and verifies all infrastructure messages
B.    Issues and signs all private keys
C.    Publishes key escrow lists to CRLs
D.    Issues and signs all root certificates

Answer: D

Use of a smart card to authenticate remote servers remains MOST susceptible to which of the following attacks?

A.    Malicious code on the local system
B.    Shoulder surfing
C.    Brute force certificate cracking
D.    Distributed dictionary attacks

Answer: A

Separation of duties is often implemented between developers and administrators in order to separate which of the following?

A.    More experienced employees from less experienced employees
B.    Changes to program code and the ability to deploy to production
C.    Upper level management users from standard development employees
D.    The network access layer from the application access layer

Answer: B

A security administrator needs to update the OS on all the switches in the company. Which of the following MUST be done before any actual switch configuration is performed?

A.    The request needs to be sent to the incident management team.
B.    The request needs to be approved through the incident management process.
C.    The request needs to be approved through the change management process.
D.    The request needs to be sent to the change management team.

Answer: C

Jane, an individual, has recently been calling various financial offices pretending to be another person to gain financial information. Which of the following attacks is being described?

A.    Phishing
B.    Tailgating
C.    Pharming
D.    Vishing

Answer: D

A user in the company is in charge of various financial roles but needs to prepare for an upcoming audit. They use the same account to access each financial system. Which of the following security controls will MOST likely be implemented within the company?

A.    Account lockout policy
B.    Account password enforcement
C.    Password complexity enabled
D.    Separation of duties

Answer: D

A CRL is comprised oF.

A.    Malicious IP addresses.
B.    Trusted CA’s.
C.    Untrusted private keys.
D.    Public keys.

Answer: D

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