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Ann, a security administrator, has concerns regarding her company’s wireless network. The network is open and available for visiting prospective clients in the conference room, but she notices that many more devices are connecting to the network than should be.
Which of the following would BEST alleviate Ann’s concerns with minimum disturbance of current functionality for clients?

A.    Enable MAC filtering on the wireless access point.
B.    Configure WPA2 encryption on the wireless access point.
C.    Lower the antenna’s broadcasting power.
D.    Disable SSID broadcasting.

Answer: C

A distributed denial of service attack can BEST be described as:

A.    invalid characters being entered into a field in a database application.
B.    users attempting to input random or invalid data into fields within a web browser application.
C.    multiple computers attacking a single target in an organized attempt to deplete its resources.
D.    multiple attackers attempting to gain elevated privileges on a target system.

Answer: C

Joe analyzed the following log and determined the security team should implement which of the following as a mitigation method against further attempts?
[00: 00: 01]Successful Login: 015 : local
[00: 00: 03]Unsuccessful Login: 022 : RDP
[00: 00: 04]UnSuccessful Login: 010 : RDP
[00: 00: 07]UnSuccessful Login: 007 : RDP
[00: 00: 08]UnSuccessful Login: 003 : RDP

A.    Reporting
B.    IDS
C.    Monitor system logs
D.    Hardening

Answer: D

A computer supply company is located in a building with three wireless networks. The system security team implemented a quarterly security scan and saw the following.
SSID State Channel Level
Computer AreUs1 connected 1 70dbm
Computer AreUs2 connected 5 80dbm
Computer AreUs3 connected 3 75dbm
Computer AreUs4 connected 6 95dbm
Which of the following is this an example of?

A.    Rogue access point
B.    Near field communication
C.    Jamming
D.    Packet sniffing

Answer: A

A systems administrator has implemented PKI on a classified government network. In the event that a disconnect occurs from the primary CA, which of the following should be accessible locally from every site to ensure users with bad certificates cannot gain access to the network?

A.    A CRL
B.    Make the RA available
C.    A verification authority
D.    A redundant CA

Answer: A

While configuring a new access layer switch, the administrator, Joe, was advised that he needed to make sure that only devices authorized to access the network would be permitted to login and utilize resources. Which of the following should the administrator implement to ensure this happens?

A.    Log Analysis
B.    VLAN Management
C.    Network separation
D.    802.1x

Answer: D

A vulnerability assessment indicates that a router can be accessed from default port 80 and default port 22. Which of the following should be executed on the router to prevent access via these ports? (Select TWO).

A.    FTP service should be disabled
B.    HTTPS service should be disabled
C.    SSH service should be disabled
D.    HTTP service should disabled
E.    Telnet service should be disabled

Answer: CD

Results from a vulnerability analysis indicate that all enabled virtual terminals on a router can be accessed using the same password. The company’s network device security policy mandates that at least one virtual terminal have a different password than the other virtual terminals. Which of the following sets of commands would meet this requirement?

A.    line vty 0 6 [email protected] password line vty 7 Qwer++!Y password
B.    line console 0 password password line vty 0 4 password [email protected]
C.    line vty 0 3 password Qwer++!Y line vty 4 password [email protected]
D.    line vty 0 3 password Qwer++!Y line console 0 password [email protected]

Answer: C

Joe, an employee, was escorted from the company premises due to suspicion of revealing trade secrets to a competitor. Joe had already been working for two hours before leaving the premises. A security technician was asked to prepare a report of files that had changed since last night’s integrity scan. Which of the following could the technician use to prepare the report? (Select TWO).

A.    PGP
B.    MD5
C.    ECC
D.    AES
E.    Blowfish
F.    HMAC

Answer: BF

Ann has read and write access to an employee database, while Joe has only read access. Ann is leaving for a conference. Which of the following types of authorization could be utilized to trigger write access for Joe when Ann is absent?

A.    Mandatory access control
B.    Role-based access control
C.    Discretionary access control
D.    Rule-based access control

Answer: D

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