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Vendor: ISEB
Exam Code: ISEBSWTINT-001
Exam Name: ISEB Software Testing Intermediate

Case Study #1
A computerized system is being created to monitor the life support system on board a submarine. It monitors air quality, water supplies and temperature.
This system will be supplied and maintained by SubsInc. SubsInc uses the V-model for software development and conducts four levels of testing, from unit through to operational and site acceptance testing.
Two key risks identified for the air quality system are:
1. If the percentage of oxygen in the air falls too low, personnel may suffocate
2. If the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air rises too high, the air may become toxic.
To address these risks, the requirement specification for this system includes the following requirements:
R1) Oxygen must be replaced as it is consumed.
R2) Carbon dioxide must be removed from the air.
These requirements must be reflected in the functional, technical and program specification documents.
You are a newly recruited test manager.
A risk register has been produced with the following additional risks identified.

Which one is a product risk associated with the air quality management system?

A.    The system required to monitor oxygen levels may be more expensive than those required to monitor air temperatures.
B.    SubsInc may need to recruit extra developers and testers to deliver the project on time.
C.    Oxygen levels may reach dangerously low levels.
D.    Extreme temperatures may lead to heat exhaustion of personnel.

Answer: C

Which of the following would be an entry criterion into site acceptance testing for the air quality monitoring system?

A.    That the code written to fulfil the requirement to monitor carbon dioxide levels has been 100% path tested.
B.    That the functional specification accurately reflects requirements R1 and R2.
C.    That the system has been tested at levels of oxygen usage well beyond anticipated personnel levels.
D.    That the requirements for temperature control have been signed-off.

Answer: C

Case Study # 2
Your organization is a large media services corporation (MSC).
MSC uses Agile development, within a Scrum framework. Here, the iterations are referred to as Sprints.
For each Sprint, a set of user-stories is defined, built, and tested. The user-stories are typically
1-2 lines long, indicating what the customer wants the system to do.
MSC is in the process of updating its website to meet the recently introduced accessibility rules for websites. Accessibility means the availability of a system suitable to members of the public with, for example, visual or hearing difficulties.
It has been decided to start with two requirements, as its first 2 Sprints:
1) Presentation of content with clear headings, short sentences, text versions always available.
2) Consistent navigation through the website.
You are the test manager and there are four developers and two testers. You have all worked together previously, and are very experienced in MSCs products. Although the accessibility rules are new to you and the team, you have all attended a workshop where they were explained.

Which of the following are product risks and which are project risks?

A.    The navigation through some parts of the website may need to be different from others.
B.    Sprint 1 may not be completed on time, leading to a delay to the start of Sprint 2.
C.    Text versions of images may not always be possible.
D.    There may be a need to buy a capture-replay tool for regression testing.
E.    A key member of the team may leave before the Sprints have been completed.
F.    a, b and c are product risks, d and e are project risks.
G.    a and c are products risks, b, d and e are project risks.
H.    b, c and e are product risks, a and d are project risks.
I.    a, d and e are product risks, b and c are project risks.

Answer: B

Which stage of the Fundamental Test Process will be most affected by the use of user-stories as defined above?

A.    Creating a schedule of activities as part of test planning.
B.    Creating test cases as part of test design.
C.    Creating the test environment as part of test execution.
D.    Assessing requirements coverage at the end of each Sprint.

Answer: B

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