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Vendor: Symantec
Exam Code: 250-250
Exam Name: Administration of Storage Foundation 5.0 for UNIX

Which command removes the datadg02 disk from the datadg disk group?
A.    vxassist datadg rmdisk datadg02
B.    vxdg datadg rmdisk datadg02
C.    vxassist datadg remove disk datadg02
D.    vxdg datadg remove datadg02

Answer: B

Which states are displayed in the output of vxprint? (Choose two.)

A.    Data
B.    Kernel
C.    File System
D.    Volume
E.    User

Answer: BD

Which statements are true about renaming the disk object? (Choose two.)

A.    New disk names must be unique within the disk group.
B.    All subdisks will be renamed together with the disk.
C.    The disk group needs to be offline.
D.    The new disk name must be unique within the system.
E.    Subdisks names will remain the same.

Answer: AE

What are valid mount options for a Veritas file system? (Choose two.)

A.    nolargefiles
B.    shared
C.    logtmp
D.    delaylog
E.    logdelay

Answer: AD

Which command grows the datavol volume by an additional 30 MB and resizes the file system at the same time?

A.    vxassist -g datadg growby datavol 30m
B.    vxresize -g datadg datavol 30m
C.    vxresize -g datadg datavol +30m
D.    vxassist -g datadg growto datavol 30m

Answer: C

Which vxassist parameter is used to set the number of data plexes in a non-layered mirrored volume?

A.    nplex
B.    numplex
C.    nummirror
D.    nmirror

Answer: D

After initializing a disk for use in Volume Manager, which command is used to create a disk group named datadg on a device shown as device_tag and using a disk media name of datadg01?

A.    vxassist create datadg datadg01=device_tag
B.    vxdg create datadg datadg01=device_tag
C.    vxdg init datadg datadg01=device_tag
D.    vxassist datadg init datadg01= device_tag

Answer: C

Which command upgrades the datadg disk group from version 50 to the current disk group version?

A.    vxdg -T 50 upgrade datadg
B.    vxdg upgrade datadg
C.    vxdg currvers datadg
D.    vxdg 50 currvers datadg

Answer: B

What occurs when you add an initialized disk to an existing disk group? (Choose two.)

A.    The public and private regions are created on the disk.
B.    An empty volume is created on the disk by default.
C.    The disk group configuration database is updated.
D.    Volume Manager performs a rescan to recognize all newly configured disks.
E.    The disk is stamped with the system host ID.

Answer: CE
Which statement is true about adding a mirror to an existing striped volume?

A.    A concatenated plex is added to the volume by default.
B.    You can use any disks in the disk group to contain the new plex.
C.    Synchronization of the new plex is required.
D.    You should add the new plex to a different disk group for redundancy.

Answer: C

Which commands display plex, volume, and kernel states? (Choose two.)

A.    vxcat
B.    vxdisplay
C.    vxinfo
D.    vxprint
E.    vxstate

Answer: CD

The upgrade scripts are being used to upgrade Volume Manager. Which file’s existence would indicate that the upgrade_start script had been run, but the upgrade_finish has yet to be run?

A.    /UPGRADE_START/.start_runed
B.    /VXVM5.0-UPGRADE/.start_runed
C.    /etc/vx/.start_runed
D.    /etc/vx/.upgrade_runed

Answer: B

Which command displays the amount of free space in the configuration database of the datadg disk group?

A.    vxdg -g datadg free
B.    vxdg -g datadg list
C.    vxdg free datadg
D.    vxdg list datadg

Answer: D

Which command is used to change the stripe unit size and number of columns for the datavol volume in the datadg disk group?

A.    vxvol datadg convert datavol stripeunit=32k ncol=5
B.    vxassist datadg convert datavol stripeunit=32k ncol=5
C.    vxvol datadg relayout datavol stripeunit=32k ncol=5
D.    vxassist datadg relayout datavol stripeunit=32k ncol=5

Answer: D

Which command can be used to remove a mirror from a volume? (Choose two.)

A.    vxedit
B.    vxassist
C.    vxremove
D.    vxevac
E.    vxmirror

Answer: AB

Which command displays the number of paths to the datadg01 disk?

A.    vxdisk list datadg01
B.    vxdg list datadg01
C.    vxpath list datadg01
D.    vxdmpadm list datadg01

Answer: A

Which vxsnap command option recreates a space-optimized instant snapshot?

A.    restore
B.    reattach
C.    refresh
D.    reassociate

Answer: C

When creating a new volume with the New Volume Wizard in VEA, which layout options are available to create a layered volume? (Choose two.)

A.    concatenate-mirror
B.    stripe-mirror
C.    mirror-stripe
D.    mirror-concatenate
E.    concatenate-stripe
F.    stripe-concatenate

Answer: AB
Which statements are true about deporting a disk group? (Choose two.)

A.    The volumes are unavailable.
B.    The disk group is available for importing.
C.    The disk group is deported and online.
D.    The file systems are destroyed.
E.    The file systems are accessible.

Answer: AB

In the output of the vxdisk list command, there are no entries in the DISK and GROUP columns. However, you see online invalid in the output of the STATUS column. What does the online invalid status indicate?

A.    The disk is failing and needs to be replaced for future use in Volume Manager.
B.    The disk is incompatible with the current release of Volume Manager.
C.    The disk is available for initialization or encapsulation by Volume Manager.
D.    The disk is available for use and has encapsulated data deported on another system.

Answer: C

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