Download Symantec ST0-12W Practice Test Exam Questions

Vendor: Symantec
Exam Code: ST0-12W
Exam Name: Veritas Cluster Server 5 for Windows (STS)

Which three elements must be moved from the failed server to the takeover server for network users to resume access to the database when a failover occurs? (Choose three.)
A.    the vtrtuat ts address
B.    the set of processes
C.    the Ethernet address
D.    the public key
E.    the disk group

Answer: ABE

You have two of three systems in a cluster up and running Veritas Cluster Server. When the third system starts, it finds that it has a valid Veritas Cluster Server configuration file. This configuration is different than the one on the first two systems. How does Veritas Cluster Server handle this situation?

A.    It will use the configur~tion from the first two systems.
B.    It will use the configuration from the third system.
C.    It will integrate the files to resolve the differences.
D.    The third node will be unable to start.

Answer: A

What is the Veritas Cluster Server term for how a system joining an existing cluster retrieves the cluster configuration?

A.    remote build
B.    local build
C.    onetime build
D.    initial build

Answer: A

A service group with the FaiioverPolicy set to Priority has a fault and is failing over. The group fail over to the system with the __________________ .

A.    lowest as siqne d value in the groups SystemList
B.    highest assigned value in the groups SystemList
C.    lowest number of service groups currently online
D.    highest available capacity in the groups SystemList

Answer: A

You are designing a high availability solution for an important new application and you are in the process of identifying single points of failure in the design. What are two possible single points of failure that can be addressed by Veritas Cluster Server? (Choose two.)

A.    network
B.    stor~ge
C.    processors
D.    memory
E.    environment

Answer: AB

Four servers available for clustering are located in two buildings. Each building contains two servers and the servers are on the same network. There are two disk arrays to which all four servers have shared data access. Which type of cluster topology is required?

A.    campus cluster
B.    global cluster
C.    shared nothing cluster
D.    split brain cluster

Answer: A

Which Symantec product feature or attribute allows for the same application to be started simultaneously on different systems?

A.    parallet service groups
B.    Veritas FlashSnap
C.    the online local dependency
D.    the parallelstart group attribute

Answer: A

Which characteristic must an application have in order to be managed by Veritas Cluster Server?

A.    It must be re startable to ~ known state after failure and tattover.
B.    It must be startable by a user other than the system account.
C.    It must be a stateless application.
D.    It must be capable of running on all systems simultaneously.

Answer: A

What are three possible types of Veritas Cluster Server service groups? (Choose three.)

A.    Failover
B.    Hybrid
C.    Parallel
D.    Singlenode
E.    OnOnly

Answer: ABC

You have one of three systems in a cluster up and running Veritas Cluster Server. When the second system starts, it finds that it has a valid Veritas Cluster Server configuration file. This configuration is different than the one on the first system. What happens?

A.    Verltas Cluster Server uses the one from the first system.
B.    Veritas Cluster Server uses the one from the second system.
C.    Veritas Cluster Server will integrate the files.
D.    Veritas Cluster Server will wait for the third system.

Answer: A

Which two tasks can be performed to improve the overall fault tolerance of a Veritas Cluster Server cluster? (Choose two.)

A.    connect e ach system in the cluster to separate power sources
B.    mirror the os disk of e ach system in the cluster
C.    connect a tape drive to each system in the cluster
D.    add a local disk array to each system in the cluster
E.    add CPUs to each node in the cluster

Answer: AB

A process is manually shut down to test an automatic failover of a configured Process resource. The service group then fails over to another system. What should be cleared before bringing the service group back to the system on which the test was originally conducted?

A.    resource
B.    attribute
C.    cluster
D.    system

Answer: A

What is the Veritas Cluster Server service that maintains resource configuration and state information?

A.    h~d
B.    hastate
C.    haconf
D.    hacf

Answer: A

You are tasked with making an existing production system highly available with Veritas Cluster Server. You have already verified that the hardware is compatible with Veritas Cluster Server. You are now evaluating the software on the systems for Veritas Cluster Server compatibility. What must be verified for Veritas Cluster Server compatibility?

A.    the oper~ting system version
B.    the volume management software version
C.    the NIC driver version
D.    the file system version

Answer: A

What are two valid settings for the ManageFaults service group attibute? (Choose two.)

A.    All
B.    None
C.    Priority
D.    MonitorOnly
E.    Manual

Answer: AB

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