CompTIA A+ Essentials Free Practice Test – Chapter 1 (151-155)

CompTIA A+ Essentials Free Practice Test and Practice Exam – Chapter 1

Which of the following printer technologies provides the LOWEST cost per page?
A. Laser
B. Dot matrix
C. Dye-sublimation
D. Inkjet
Answer: A

A technician prints a test page from the printer” s front panel and the printer consistently print one page of data across two pages of paper. Which of the following is the cause of the problem?
A. The fuser is not functioning
B. The printer driver needs to be updated
C. The paper tray media type is not set up
D. The paper tray media size is wrong
Answer: D

Raising the voltage or multiplier of a CPU is known as:
A. Over clocking.
B. Hype threading.
C. Turbo-boost.
D. Overcharging
Answer: A

A networking device that sends packets to all connections is a:
A. gateway
B. hub
C. switch
D. router
Answer: B

A user reports that the battery in their Windows 7 laptop is constantly low on power. Which of the following should a technician suggest to help the user conserve laptop battery power?
A. Have the user run the laptop using the battery until all the power is depleted, and then recharge the battery.
B. Have the user remove the battery and run the notebook using the electrical cord only.
C. Configure the laptop power options to restore power usage when the laptop is unattended.
D. Configure the laptop power option to power saver plan.
Answer: D


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