CompTIA A+ Essentials Free Practice Test – Chapter 1 (126-130)

CompTIA A+ Essentials Free Practice Test and Practice Exam – Chapter 1

Which of the following are correct sequences to install a keyboard layout in Windows 7? (Select TWO).
A. Start > Control Panel > Region & Languages > Keyboards & Languages
B. Right click > Personalize > ease of access center > make the keyboard easier to use
C. Start > Control Panel > Display
D. Start > Control Panel > Clock Languages & Region>personalization
E. Start > Control Panel > Clock languages & region > Change Keyboards & other input methods > change Keyboard
Answer: A,E

Which of the following network types uses telephone lines as its ONLY medium for connectivity?
B. Cellular
C. Fiber
D. Satellite
Answer: A

An email i s received from the user’s bank. It is asking for the user to reply with their account number and access code to verify their identity. Which of the following attack types does this describe?
A. Phishing
B. Rootkit
C. Hoax
D. Adware
Answer: A

A customer reports that when their computer is turned on. the screen is blank with some gray text and a flashing cursor. The customer also says that there are numbers counting upward when the computer beeps and freezes. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this problem?
A. The hard drive has no MBR
B. Computer has faulty memory
C. The operating system is corrupted
D. Network login account expired
Answer: B
A user recently purchased a new wireless 802.11n router and noticed that the wireless signal strength on the laptop is poor and only connects at 11Mbps even with default settings. The user moved the laptop next to the WAP and is still experiencing the same issue. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?
A. The laptop is connecting to the incorrect wireless network
B. The router1 s wireless card drivers are faulty.
C. The cable modem is faulty
D. The wireless antennas on the router need to be replaced.
Answer: A


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