CompTIA A+ 220-801 Certification Exam Question (1-10)

Which of the following will provide the BEST protection against power failures and data loss?
A.    Auto-switching power supply
B.    Uninterruptible power supply
C.    Line conditioner
D.    Surge suppressor
Answer: B

Which of the following tools are commonly used to remove dust and debris from inside a computer? (Select TWO).
A.    Cotton and alcohol
B.    Vacuum
C.    Compressed air
D.    Anti-bacterial surface cleaner
E.    Feather duster
Answer: BC

Which of the following is the BEST way to explain RAID to a non-technical user?

A.    "RAID is a dynamic logical disk management system."
B.    "RAID uses multiple hard disks to increase performance and/or provide protection against data loss."
C.    "RAID uses data striping to reduce hard drive write time and parity bits to reconstruct the data from a failed hard drive."
D.    "RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks".
Answer: B

Which of the following devices might need drivers installed so that it can be recognized by the operating system and function properly?
A.    Speakers
B.    Monitors
C.    Scanners
D.    Projectors
Answer: C

Which of the following properties of TCP/IP is used to differentiate the network and the host portions of an IP address?
A.    DNS address
B.    Default gateway
C.    Subnet mask
D.    DHCP lease
Answer: C

A user is trying to setup a small office home office (SOHO) wireless network and does not want any neighbors to be able to discover the network. Which of the following parameters would MOST
likely be configured?
A.    Configure a proxy server address
B.    Enable WEP encryption
C.    Disable SSID broadcast
D.    Configure DMZ settings
Answer: C

Which of the following would provide continuous power to various devices connected to it during a power surge or outage?
A.    Line conditioner
B.    Power strip
C.    Battery backup
D.    Surge suppressor
Answer: C

Which of the following network topologies would MOST likely be used to provide redundancy at each network device to support data transmissions?
A.    Mesh
B.    Ring
C.    PBX
D.    Bus
Answer: A

Which of the following memory features allows for the protection against random inconsistencies in the transfer of the data?
A.    Low latency
B.    Dual channel
C.    ECC
D.    Single channel
Answer: C

Primary system functions like basic boot priorities, voltage parameters for the processor, and SATA options are configured in which of the following areas of a PC system?
A.    MBR
B.    CMOS
C.    VRAM
D.    BIOS
Answer: D


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