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Which IPv6 migration method relies on dynamic tunnels that use the 2002::/16 reserved address space?

A.    6RD
B.    6to4
D.    GRE

Answer: B

Which keychain cryptographic algorithm is supported by the IS-IS routing protocol?

A.    HMAC-SHA1-20
B.    HMAC-SHA1-12
C.    HMAC-MD5
D.    MD5

Answer: C

What feature can a device use to identify other members of the same IPv6 multicast group on a network segment?

A.    MLD
B.    MSDP
C.    source-specific multicast
D.    rendezvous points

Answer: A

Which two statement about the EIGRP Over the Top feature are true?(Choose two.)

A.    EIGRP routers traffic between the PE devices.
B.    Traffic is LISP-encapsulated on the control plan
C.    The neighbor command must be configured with LISP encapsulation on wach CE devic
D.    The network statement must be configured on each PE device to connect separate EIGRP sites.
E.    The network statement must be configured on each CE device to connect separate EIGRP sites.
F.    Traffic is LISP-encapsulated on the data plan

Answer: CF

Which marking field is used only as an internal marking within a router?

A.    QOS Group
B.    Discard Eligiblity
C.    IP Precedence
D.    MPLS Experimental

Answer: A

Which two statements about IANA-reserved addresses are true?(Choose two.)

A.    The prefix FF9::/32 is reserved for source-specific multicast on IPv6.
B.    The address range is reserved for source-specific multicast on IPv4.
C.    The address range is reserved for source-specific multicast on IPv4.
D.    The prefix FF3x::/32 is reserved for source-specific multicast on IPv6.
E.    The address range is reserved for source-specific multicast on IPv4.
F.    The prefix FF00::/32 is reserved for source-specific multicast on IPv6.

Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit. Which configuration must you apply to a router so that it can generate a log message in this format?


A.    service timestamps log datetime localtime show-timezoneservice sequence-numbers
B.    service timestamps log datetime msec localtimeservice sequence-numbers
C.    service timestamps log datetime msec localtime show-timezoneservice alignment logging
D.    service timestamps log datetime msec localtime show-timezoneservice linenumber
E.    service timestamps log datetime msec localtime show-timezoneservice sequence-numbers

Answer: E

Which two commands should you enter to enable IP Source Guard with IP and MAC address filtering? (Choose two)

A.    ip verify source tracking
B.    switch port port-security
C.    ip verify unicast source
D.    ip verify source
E.    ip verify source port-security

Answer: AE

Which two statements about IP source guard are true? (Choose two.)

A.    It must be applied to EtherChannel port members.
B.    It is available only on L2 ports.
C.    It is supported in software only.
D.    It is not supported on private VLANS.
E.    It blocks DHCP packets.

Answer: BD

Which two statements about IS-IS neighbor adjacencies are true?(Choose two.)

A.    Each device must have the same 6-type system ID.
B.    Neighboring devices must have the same level.
C.    If the ignore-mtu command is configured on both devices, the devices can have different MTU settings.
D.    Each device’s 4-type router ID must be unique.
E.    Level 1 devices must be in the same area.

Answer: BE
An IS-IS router establishes separate adjacencies with its neighbors running on the same level. Level 1 adjacencies are created only between routers with the same area identifier.8 G,

Refer to the exhibit, while reviewing a log file on a router with this NTP configuration, you note that the log entries of the router display a different time than the NTP time.


Which action can you take to correct the problem?

A.    add the local time keyword to the service timestamps log datetime statement.
B.    add the msec keyword to the service time stamps log datetime statement
C.    add the statement ntp broadcast to the ntp configuration of the neighboring router
D.    configure the router to be the NTP master
E.    Remove the datetime keyword from the service time stamps log datetime statement.

Answer: A

What command can you enter to enable client auto configuration over an ISATAP tunnel?

A.    tunnel mode ipv6ip isatap
B.    no ipv6 nd ra suppress
C.    ipv6 nd ra suppress
D.    tunnel mode ipv6ip 6rd

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. After you apply the given configurations to R1 and R2, which networks does R2 advertise to R1?


A.    both and
B. only
C. only
D. only

Answer: C

Which command can you enter on a device so that unsolicited log messages appear on the console after solicited log messages?

A.    logging bufferd 4096
B.    no logging console
C.    ogging synchronous
D.    service timestamps log uptime

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. What are two effects of the given configuration? (Choose two)


A.    Source for the multicast stream will register with
B.    It configures as a spare-mode rendezvous point.
C.    Multicast stream will operate in spare mode.
D.    It configures as the Bidir-PIM rendezvous point.
E.    Multicast stream will operate in dense mode.
F.    Sources for the multicast stream will register with

Answer: DF

Refer to the exhibit. R1 is unable to ping the device at Which two options are possible reasons for the problem? (Choose two.)


A.    The static route is configured as a host route.
B.    The static route points to a broadcast interface without a next-hop.
C.    IP CEF is disabled on the local router.
D.    Proxy ARP is disabled on the next-hop router.
E.    The dynamic routing protocol configuration is missing.
F.    IP CEF is disabled on the remote router.

Answer: BD

Which circumstance can cause interface overruns?

A.    microbursts
B.    asymmetric routing
C.    out-of-order packets
D.    fragmentation

Answer: A

Which two options are benefits of Metro Ethernet?(Choose two.)

A.    It supports CHAP authentication.
B.    It inclodes a comprehensive framing mechanism.
C.    It integrates seamlessly throughout the enterprise.
D.    It can negate link parameters such as frame speed.
E.    It provides lower cost per-port than other WAN technologies.

Answer: CE

Which statement about Control Plane Policing is true?

A.    It queues egress packets that would otherwise be discarde
B.    It applies to packets that are generated locally.
C.    It queues ingress packets that would otherwise be discarde
D.    It applies to packets that are punted to the route processor.

Answer: D
CoPP applies to all packets that punt to the route processor for handling.

Which statement about Type-4 LSA in OSPFv2 is true?

A.    It is present only in the backbone area.
B.    It is generated by each ABR and forwarded in non-stub areas.
C.    It is forwarded in NSSA areas.
D.    It is generated by the ASBR and forwarded throughout the whole OSPF domain.

Answer: B

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