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A company is running a batch analysis every hour on their main transactional DB. running on an RDS MySQL instance to populate their central Data Warehouse running on Redshift During the execution of the batch their transactional applications are very slow.
When the batch completes they need to update the top management dashboard with the new data The dashboard is produced by another system running on-premises that is currently started when a manually-sent email notifies that an update is required The on-premises system cannot be modified because is managed by another team. How would you optimize this scenario to solve performance issues and automate the process as much as possible?

A.    Replace RDS with Redshift for the batch analysis and SNS to notify the on-premises system to update the dashboard
B.    Replace ROS with Redsnift for the oaten analysis and SQS to send a message to the on-premises system to update the dashboard
C.    Create an RDS Read Replica for the batch analysis and SNS to notify me on-premises system to update the dashboard
D.    Create an RDS Read Replica for the batch analysis and SQS to send a message to the on-premises system to update the dashboard.


Answer: C
If you want to prevent your reporting and analytic processing from interfering with the performance of your OLTP workload.”
If I understand the above statement correctly, they are saying to separate reporting and analytic processing from OLTP. In other word, use RedShift for reporting and analytic processing and use RDS for OLTP workload.

Can I move a Reserved Instance from one Region to another?

A.    No
B.    Only if they are moving into GovCloud
C.    Yes
D.    Only if they are moving to US East from another region

Answer: A

What is Amazon Glacier?

A.    You mean Amazon “Iceberg”: it’s a low-cost storage service.
B.    A security tool that allows to “freeze” an EBS volume and perform computer forensics on it.
C.    A low-cost storage service that provides secure and durable storage for data archiving and backup.
D.    It’s a security tool that allows to “freeze” an EC2 instance and perform computer forensics on it.

Answer: C
Amazon Glacier is an extremely low-cost storage service that provides durable storage with security features for data archiving and backup.

What is the durability of S3 RRS?

A.    99.99%
B.    99.95%
C.    99.995%
D.    99.999999999%

Answer: A

What does specifying the mapping /dev/sdc=none when launching an instance do?

A.    Prevents /dev/sdc from creating the instance.
B.    Prevents /dev/sdc from deleting the instance.
C.    Set the value of /dev/sdc to ‘zero’.
D.    Prevents /dev/sdc from attaching to the instance.

Answer: D
none – Suppresses an existing mapping of the device from the AMI used to launch the instance. For example: “/dev/sdc=none”.

Is Federated Storage Engine currently supported by Amazon RDS for MySQL?

A.    Only for Oracle RDS instances
B.    No
C.    Yes
D.    Only in VPC

Answer: B

Is there a limit to how many groups a user can be in?

A.    Yes for all users
B.    Yes for all users except root
C.    No
D.    Yes unless special permission granted

Answer: D
Currently you can request to increase the limit on users per AWS account, groups per AWS account, roles per AWS account, instance profiles per AWS account, and server certificates per AWS account.
This never states “groups a user can be in”

True or False: When you perform a restore operation to a point in time or from a DB Snapshot, a new DB Instance is created with a new endpoint.

B.    TRUE

Answer: B
Restoring From a DB Snapshot
Amazon RDS creates a storage volume snapshot of your DB instance, backing up the entire DB instance and not just individual databases. You can create a DB instance by restoring from this DB snapshot. When you restore the DB instance, you provide the name of the DB snapshot to restore from, and then provide a name for the new DB instance that is created from the restore. You cannot restore from a DB snapshot to an existing DB instance; a new DB instance is created when you restore.

A/An _____ acts as a firewall that controls the traffic allowed to reach one or more instances.

A.    security group
B.    ACL
C.    IAM
D.    Private IP Addresses

Answer: A
A security group acts as a virtual firewall that controls the traffic for one or more instances.

Will my standby RDS instance be in the same Availability Zone as my primary?

A.    Only for Oracle RDS types
B.    Yes
C.    Only if configured at launch
D.    No

Answer: D

While launching an RDS DB instance, on which page I can select the Availability Zone?


Answer: D
DB Instance detail – You just enable that your DB instance can be deploy in Multi-AZ. However, You select the availability zone (Which AZ will be for primary and which one will be for secondary) in Additional configuration.

What does the following command do with respect to the Amazon EC2 security groups? ec2-create-group CreateSecurityGroup

A.    Groups the user created security groups in to a new group for easy access.
B.    Creates a new security group for use with your account.
C.    Creates a new group inside the security group.
D.    Creates a new rule inside the security group.

Answer: B

In the Launch Db Instance Wizard, where can I select the backup and maintenance options?

B.    Under REVIEW

Answer: C

Can I attach more than one policy to a particular entity?

A.    Yes always
B.    Only if within GovCloud
C.    No
D.    Only if within VPC

Answer: A

Fill in the blanks: A_____ is a storage device that moves data in sequences of bytes or bits (blocks). Hint:
These devices support random access and generally use buffered I/O.

A.    block map
B.    storage block
C.    mapping device
D.    block device

Answer: D

You are deploying an application to collect votes for a very popular television show. Millions of users will submit votes using mobile devices. The votes must be collected into a durable, scalable, and highly available data store for real-time public tabulation.
Which service should you use?

A.    Amazon DynamoDB
B.    Amazon Redshift
C.    Amazon Kinesis
D.    Amazon Simple Queue Service

Answer: A
This example looks at using AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway to build a dynamic voting application, which receives votes via SMS, aggregates the totals into Amazon DynamoDB, and uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)to display the results in real time.

Because of the extensibility limitations of striped storage attached to Windows Server, Amazon RDS does not currently support increasing storage on a _____ DB Instance.

A.    SQL Server
B.    MySQL
C.    Oracle

Answer: A

Through which of the following interfaces is AWS Identity and Access Management available?

A) AWS Management Console
B) Command line interface (CLI)
C) IAM Query API
D) Existing libraries

A.    Only through Command line interface (CLI)
B.    A, B and C
C.    A and C
D.    All of the above

Answer: D
Accessing IAM:
1 – AWS Management Console
2 – AWS Command Line Tools
3 – AWS SDKs (i.e. Existing libraries)

The Trusted Advisor service provides insight regarding which four categories of an AWS account?

A.    Security, fault tolerance, high availability, and connectivity
B.    Security, access control, high availability, and performance
C.    Performance, cost optimization, security, and fault tolerance
D.    Performance, cost optimization, access control, and connectivity

Answer: C



After an Amazon VPC instance is launched, can I change the VPC security groups it belongs to?

A.    Only if the tag “VPC_Change_Group” is true
B.    Yes. You can.
C.    No. You cannot.
D.    Only if the tag “VPC Change Group” is true

Answer: B

You are trying to launch an EC2 instance, however the instance seems to go into a terminated status immediately. What would probably not be a reason that this is happening?

A.    The AMI is missing a required part.
B.    The snapshot is corrupt.
C.    You need to create storage in EBS first.
D.    You’ve reached your volume limit.

Answer: C
Amazon EC2 provides a virtual computing environments, known as an instance. After you launch an instance, AWS recommends that you check its status to confirm that it goes from the pending status to the running status, the not terminated status. The following are a few reasons why an Amazon EBS-backed instance might immediately terminate:
You’ve reached your volume limit.
The AMI is missing a required part.
The snapshot is corrupt.
Reference: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/Using_InstanceStraightToTerminated.html

You have set up an Auto Scaling group. The cool down period for the Auto Scaling group is 7 minutes. The first instance is launched after 3 minutes, while the second instance is launched after 4 minutes. How many minutes after the first instance is launched will Auto Scaling accept another scaling activity request?

A.    11 minutes
B.    7 minutes
C.    10 minutes
D.    14 minutes

Answer: A
If an Auto Scaling group is launching more than one instance, the cool down period for each instance starts after that instance is launched. The group remains locked until the last instance that was launched has completed its cool down period. In this case the cool down period for the first instance starts after 3 minutes and finishes at the 10th minute (3+7 cool down), while for the second instance it starts at the 4th minute and finishes at the 11th minute (4+7 cool down). Thus, the Auto Scaling group will receive another request only after 11 minutes.
Reference: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AutoScaling/latest/DeveloperGuide/AS_Concepts.html

In Amazon EC2 Container Service components, what is the name of a logical grouping of container instances on which you can place tasks?

A.    A cluster
B.    A container instance
C.    A container
D.    A task definition

Answer: A
Amazon ECS contains the following components:
A Cluster is a logical grouping of container instances that you can place tasks on. A Container instance is an Amazon EC2 instance that is running the Amazon ECS agent and has been registered into a cluster.
A Task definition is a description of an application that contains one or more container definitions. A Scheduler is the method used for placing tasks on container instances. A Service is an Amazon ECS service that allows you to run and maintain a specified number of instances of a task definition simultaneously.
A Task is an instantiation of a task definition that is running on a container instance. A Container is a Linux container that was created as part of a task.
Reference: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonECS/latest/developerguide/Welcome.html

In the context of AWS support, why must an EC2 instance be unreachable for 20 minutes rather than allowing customers to open tickets immediately?

A.    Because most reachability issues are resolved by automated processes in less than 20 minutes
B.    Because all EC2 instances are unreachable for 20 minutes every day when AWS does routine maintenance
C.    Because all EC2 instances are unreachable for 20 minutes when first launched
D.    Because of all the reasons listed here

Answer: A
An EC2 instance must be unreachable for 20 minutes before opening a ticket, because most reachability issues are resolved by automated processes in less than 20 minutes and will not require any action on the part of the customer. If the instance is still unreachable after this time frame has passed, then you should open a case with support.
Reference: https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/faqs/

Can a user get a notification of each instance start / terminate configured with Auto Scaling?

A.    Yes, if configured with the Launch Config
B.    Yes, always
C.    Yes, if configured with the Auto Scaling group
D.    No

Answer: C
The user can get notifications using SNS if he has configured the notifications while creating the Auto Scaling group.
Reference: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AutoScaling/latest/DeveloperGuide/GettingStartedTutorial.html

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