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In which two situations can FileSnap be used to create a space optimized copy of a file? (Select two.)

A.    within the same directory, original has another owner with 0400 permissions
B.    between two different directories on the same file system
C.    within the same directory over an NFS exported Veritas File System (VxFS)
D.    between two different Veritas File Systems (VxFS) on the same host
E.    between the primary fileset and a Storage Checkpoint on the same file system

Answer: BC


A Storage Checkpoint is created with the command: fsckptadm -R create thu_8pm /data1 Which statement about this checkpoint is correct if the file system runs out of space?

A.    It can only be removed manually because it is a non-removable checkpoint.
B.    It is removed even if it is mounted.
C.    This and all subsequent checkpoints are recursively removed.
D.    It is removed only if the checkpoint is unused.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which command should an administrator use to restore redundancy to the volume mirrorvol using the mirrorvol-02 object?


A.    vxreattach
B.    vxmend
C.    vxrestore
D.    vxplex

Answer: D

Which command is used to monitor a plex synchronization that is occurring in the background when a mirror is added to a volume?

A.    vxtask
B.    vxplex
C.    vxtrace
D.    vxstat

Answer: A

Which command is used to mirror all volumes from one disk to another?

A.    vxedit
B.    vxvol
C.    vxdiskpr
D.    vxdiskadm

Answer: D

What does the following command do? vxassist -g hrdg mirror payroll hrdg03

A.    mirrors the hrdg03 volume
B.    fails to complete
C.    lists the disk under disk group hrdg
D.    mirrors the payroll volume

Answer: C

Which vxassist parameter is used to set the number of data plexes in a non-layered mirrored volume?

A.    nplex
B.    nmirror
C.    plex
D.    ndisk

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. How many log plexes exist in the volume?


A.    0
B.    1
C.    2
D.    6

Answer: C

Which option allows creation of various RAID levels when using the vxassist utility?

A.    raid=
B.    type=
C.    level=
D.    layout=

Answer: D

A disk has been initialized for use in Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM). Which command is used to create a disk group named datadg on a device shown as device_tag and using a disk media name of datadg01?

A.    vxdg setup datadg datadg01=device_tag
B.    vxdg define datadg device_tag=datadg01
C.    vxdg init datadg device_tag=datadg01
D.    vxdg init datadg datadg01=device_tag

Answer: D

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