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How can an administrator uninstall the Veritas Operations Manager (VOM) management server prior to upgrade?

A.    execute the installation binary with the -uninstall option
B.    use the Common Product Installer (CPI) script and select the VOM server to uninstall
C.    uninstall the two VOM packages using OS-specific commands
D.    connect to port 5634 on the VOM management server using a web browser

Answer: C

What can be done while deporting a disk group using Veritas Operations Manager (VOM)?

A.    some of the disks can be assigned to a new disk group
B.    the disk group version can be upgraded to the latest version available
C.    the name of the host, which will import the disk group at reboot, can be specified
D.    the disk group can be split into two new disk groups

Answer: C

Which two Veritas Operations Manager (VOM) add-ons are deployed by default? (Select two.)

A.    Veritas Storage Foundation Add-on for Storage Provisioning
B.    Veritas Operations Manager Add-on for VCS Administration
C.    Veritas Operations Manager Control Host Add-on
D.    Veritas Operations Manager Add-on for SF Administration
E.    Veritas Operations Manager Add-on for Storage Foundation Administration for UNIX

Answer: BD

An administrator suspects that file creation performance is degraded in several directories on a Veritas File System (VxFS). Which command should be used to analyze directory organization?

A.    fsadm
B.    fiostat
C.    fsapadm
D.    fsppadm

Answer: A

Which command is used to display current file system I/O parameters for a Veritas File System (VxFS)?

A.    vxtune
B.    vxtunefs
C.    vxfsio
D.    fsadm

Answer: B

Which Storage Foundation utility is used to generate random read and random write workloads so that the performance of a file system can be analyzed?

A.    vxbench
B.    vxtrace
C.    vxstat
D.    vmstat

Answer: D

For disaster recovery purposes, data is mirrored between arrays at two sites. Which volume read policy preferentially reads from plexes at the locally defined site?

A.    select
B.    prefer
C.    siteread
D.    local

Answer: C

Which two commands are used to configure the site awareness feature? (Select two.)

A.    Vxconfigd
B.    Vxdctl
C.    Vxdisksetup
D.    Vxdg
E.    vxmend

Answer: BD

A disk group is configured for site awareness for two sites (SiteA and SiteB) and the site consistency flag for the disk group is set to off. Each site has four disks assigned. One disk on SiteB fails. What is the state of the disks assigned to the disk group?

A.    All disks are marked as failed and SiteB is detached.
B.    The failed disk is marked as failed and SiteB remains attached.
C.    The failed disk is marked as failed and SiteB is detached.
D.    The failed disk is marked as failed and both sites are detached.

Answer: B

What is an advantage of the Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 for UNIX checkpoint visibility feature?

A.    ensures checkpoint is automatically deleted under certain conditions
B.    eliminates the need for manually mounting storage checkpoints
C.    specifies verbose mode, which displays extensive statistical information
D.    automatically creates new checkpoints as changes are made to the file system

Answer: B

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