2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass Symantec ST0-148 PDF (1-10)

What enables combining disks or LUNs into logical collections to make administration easier?

A.    volume
B.    plex
C.    subdisk
D.    disk group

Answer: D

Which virtual storage configuration can be created with Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 for UNIX?

A.    LVM
B.    RAID
C.    SVM
D.    LPAR

Answer: B

A user creates a 10MB file, which is then compressed using vxcompress to reduce the file size to 1MB. Another user copies this file to a different Veritas File System (VxFS) on the same host using cp. What is the resulting file size of the copy?

A.    1MB
B.    9MB
C.    10MB
D.    11MB

Answer: C

Deduplication is controlled at which level?

A.    file system
B.    disk group
C.    directory
D.    volume

Answer: A

When running vxfilesnap or deduplication on an already compressed file, what will happen to the compressed extents?

A.    become uncompressed and then shared
B.    remain compressed and then shared
C.    a copy of the compressed data will be made
D.    a copy of the uncompressed data will be made

Answer: B

A system administrator has been notified by Symantec Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) that a new version of the Array Support Library/Array Policy Modules package is available. The administrator first removes the old VRTSaslapm package and then installs the new one. What is the final command that must be executed to complete the upgrade?

A.    vxdmpadm -U cfgapm all
B.    vxdisk scandisks
C.    vxddladm includearray all
D.    vxdctl upgrade

Answer: B

Which command displays the number of paths for disk hds9500-alua0_57?

A.    vxdisk -p list hds9500-alua0_57
B.    vxdisk scandisk hds9500-alua0_57
C.    vxdmpadm list hds9500-alua0_57
D.    vxdisk list hds9500-alua0_57

Answer: C

An administrator is unable to receive output from vxprint, vxdisk list, or other reporting commands but does have access to volumes and file system data. What is the likely cause of this problem?

A.    vxconfigd has stopped running.
B.    vxdctl has stopped running.
C.    A disk has failed.
D.    The disk.info file is corrupt.

Answer: C

Which component of the Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) architecture allows DMP to properly claim devices and defines the array class (e.g., A/A, A/P, APF, ALUA)?

A.    Device Discovery Layer
B.    Array Support Library
C.    Array Policy Module
D.    Hardware Compatibility List

Answer: B

Which command should be used to manage the contents of volboot?

A.    vxvolboot
B.    vxdctl
C.    vxedit
D.    vxconfigd

Answer: B

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